The Solsonès is a region of Catalonia, province of Lleida, located in Central Catalonia. It consists of the valleys and the Ribera Salada Cardener and north on the plateau of the Segarra.

The northern part of the region is part of the Pyrenees, the main mountain ranges are found in the Puerto del Conde massif, Odèn saw the mountains of the Sierra Verde and Busa.

The territory of Solsonès belongs to the basin of the Segre and Llobregat.

The main streams are the Ribera Salada, the Rambla de Madrona, the Rambla de Sanaüja, the river and the river Cardener Negre. In the region there are two reservoirs: the Sant Ponç and the dam of the slab of the Horse.

The climate of Solsonès is Mediterranean, with hot summers and cold winter.