Cerdagne is divided between the province of Girona and Lleida. The region borders with Andorra, the Ariège, the Capcir Conflent, Ripollés, the Berguedá and Alt Urgell.

The mountain range is formed by the Sierra del Cadi, the Sierra and other solid Moixeró further east.

It has a great diversity and scenic beauty, it's possible to find alpine meadows, sub-Mediterranean forests, boreal forests of red pine and sub-alpine coniferous pine and black spruce. The vegetation is considered of special interest for its low temperatures, high humidity in the area and altitude as it has contributed to the existence of species that are not typical of the Mediterranean area, but in northern Europe.

Thanks to its location, the region of Cerdagne is an ideal place to practice any sport, mountain bike routes, hiking, Nordic skiing aplino, golf, horse riding, fishing, climbing, climbing, etc.