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The Garrotxa is located in northern Catalonia, on the upper reaches of the river Fluvià, the headwaters of the Muga and the boardwalk and Llémena Amer.

In this region we see two totally different types of landscape. For the southern half extending over 40 volcanoes and various lava flows, forming a landscape soft, very undulating, protected by Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa north the landscape is more rugged and steep with abundant cliffs and gorges.

The climate is Mediterranean mountain. Rainfall is abundant throughout the year and winter is the driest season. Frequent rains generate fresh summers, while the influence of the Pyrenees makes the winters are cold.
The soil and climate provide a variety of vegetation, often lush with oak and beech forests of exceptional scenic value.

In the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa there are 28 routes that pass through the sights of Nature