Baix Empordà

The Baix Empordà is one of the two regions that was divided in the division Empordà county, 1936. The capital region is the Bisbal d'Empordà.

The landscape is hearty and homogeneous with small hillocks least sectors of the Barges, Montgrí, and Begur.

The focus of the delivery Costa Brava is full of contrasts: cliffs in the north and south of the region with coves surrounded by pins, islands and marshes and long beaches of fine sand.

We can find the rivers Ter, Daró (tributary of the former), Rissec (both tributary above) and Ridaura.

The vegetation dominates the oak and cork oak. Currently, the oaks have been replaced largely by pine and white pine in the understory dominated by rosemary, heather winter and chaparral.
Although clearly not an area search of mushrooms, we can find especially chanterelles, chanterelles, nightingales, eggs of sea bass, trumpets of death, camagrocs.

The Empordà Baix remembered for the three winds: the north wind, a wind from the north with great force, usually in winter, is the most characteristic, the southwest wind is usually blowing in the mountains and the coast, usually in summer, and release , East, predominantly on the coast in spring and autumn.